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 Solo Operator (The Day-to-Day of a Recruiter Working By Themselves):

Applicants are recruited for specific job openings. The number of applicants scheduled to be interviewed through recruiting efforts should be approximately 5 per day or 25 per week.

Approximately 70% of the scheduled applicants (17 applicants) should actually be interviewed.

Out of those 17 applicants interviewed, at least one should be generated per every 2.3 applicants interviewed which you would send out to be interviewed by the client company.

For every 4 applicants interviewed by the client company, 1 should be hired. So, with 7-8 applicants interviewing with the client companies per week, you should average 1.5 to 2 hired per week.   

If your ratios are worse than these, a franchisee should seek additional training. Now, think about adding additional recruiters.


Calculating an average recruiting fee of $6,000.00

Recruits Applicants   Sent To Applicants    Monthly   Yearly
Booked Interviewed   Clients     Hired     Sales    Sales
107 75 32 4-5 $24,000 -$30,000.00 $288,000 - $360,000.00

The above figures represent an example of a solo or one person office or a one person office with one part time support person.

Additional full time recruiters (employees) will yield different results.

For example, the lowest sales numbers were in 2003. That year, the average recruiter in the United States generated $190,000 in sales.

The average commission paid to that average recruiter was 30%. Do the math, that is $133,000 to you! How many recruiters do you need working for you where you are now really developing and leading teams?

The above figures are just examples and not meant to represent a PMA Office.

The following information listed above approximates how generating sales activity works using the PMA System. This is not a representation of how much you can make, but an example of how sales activity ratios work. In providing these figures to you, PMA Franchise Systems, Inc. is not making any representations or statements of actual, average, projected or forecasted revenue that you should expect to generate from your PMA Office.  Neither PMA Franchise Systems, Inc. nor any of its employees or agents is authorized to make any claims or statements to you regarding earnings, sales, profits or revenue, or any prospects or chances of success, that you can expect from your PMA Office. You should conduct your own pro forma revenue statement and make your own projections concerning potential earnings, sales, profits, or revenue or prospects or chances of success.  You should not rely solely on the information provided by PMA Franchise Systems, Inc. but should conduct your own independent investigation.  You should consult an attorney, an accountant and existing PMA Franchisees. 

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