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Personalized Management Associates is the only Executive Search Franchise in the United States Franchising in the Hospitality, Restaurant and Retail Management Industries.

  • PMA Franchise’s can ramp up fast and be cash flowing in as soon as 60 days.

  • PMA has Multiple Revenue Streams available to help drive sales. We have various programs and services in addition to recruiting with which to generate revenues from clients.

  • PMA Operating Margins are averaging Double Digits!

  • PMA staffs up quickly enabling you to spend more of your time building your business versus the day to day.

  • PMA is “the lowest initial total investment” of ALL staffing industry franchise opportunities. Total initial investment, which includes: franchise fee, start-up costs and three months of expenses is approximately $50K.  

  • PMA provides unparalleled “Quality of Life.” PMA Franchisee’s get to watch their families grow versus vicariously through others. They will work mostly weekdays, so most of the nights and weekends will be all theirs. PMA Franchisee’s can be there for their families needs or start that social life.

  • PMA offers “Protected Territories” that are exclusive of other offices within our system. . Most franchises only offer to not open another office in a territory. In addition to not opening another branch in your territory, A PMA Franchisee’s profits are not diluted by other PMA Branches operating in their territory

  • PMA's business model blends caring support with strong professional drive.

  • PMA conducts "Live Training”. Unlike other staffing franchises that are solely classroom based, PMA offers a comprehensive A-Z training program that combines "Live," real life training experiences in addition to classroom instructions. You will experience recruiting life before they open their office.

  • PMA offers a Business to Business Franchise that creates a higher level of success and quality-of-life benefits.

  • PMA franchise owners enjoy professional achievement, while helping others make a real difference in their local communities.

Please explore the franchise information on Personalized Management Associates and begin to determine if our recruiting franchise could be a franchising option for you.

We are more than happy to answer any franchise questions you might have.


1950 Spectrum Circle,  Suite B-310, Marietta, GA. 30067

800-466-SUCCESS (7822)

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