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Personalized Management Associates does executive search for the restaurant, hospitality and retail management industries. We search and place managers from branch level through senior vice president.

Even though nothing is recession proof, our niche is extremely recession resistant. The Food Service Industry alone has become the nation’s largest private employer, providing incomes to 11.3 million people. That’s 8% of the US work force, second only to local and state governments. According to the National Restaurant Association, the restaurant-hospitality industry will be adding 3.8 million people by 2011.

Retail is equally exciting with 85% of all corporate recruiters surveyed reported using recruiting firms to find management personnel. There are only a handful of recruiting chains that handle these huge industries nationwide.

Personalized Management Associates, founded in 1985, has pioneered an executive search system for management staffing in our niche markets of retail, restaurant and hospitality management. We have become one of  the largest recruiting chains specializing in these niches in the United States. Few companies have the reputation of Personalized Management Associates in finding innovative employment solutions for both companies and candidates in today's workplace.

Why Consider a "David" versus a "Goliath"

Vast Growth Potential - Prime territories and locations are still available versus a small quadrant in an already saturated city or area.

Personal Attention - Be a valuable member of the team at the most exciting stages of growth in the concept versus being dictated to from the monstrous corporation because "that's just the way it is."

Direct Access - Learn and talk directly from the principles and get the benefit of their undiluted vision and personal guidance versus you are just branch 1,379 and only get to access the regional trainer or regional consultant. When was the last time they were in the day-to-day operations?

Agility - Smaller franchise companies can seize new opportunities and can adapt to trends faster than larger companies.

Greater Voice - As a franchisee, especially a master franchisee or franchise developer, your opinion and input is highly valued. Your success is integral to the growth of the chain.

No Bureaucracy - Be known by name versus your branch number.

Lower Ad Contributions - Why pay for multi-million dollar movie placements and nationwide image building campaigns?


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