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These Franchises Are All About Work

(Excerpts from the article)

By Nancy Rathbun Scott


Matchmaker, Matchmaker, Find Me a Job?

Its not the same version that the kids used to sing, but more and more adults are calling on employment matchmakers and staffing specialists to help locate temporary and full-time work.  For entrepreneurs that means opportunities to become a franchise owner in an industry where the demand has been consistent for hundreds of years.

Hundreds of years, you say?  Yep.  Back in the 14th century – long before the kids began singing the matchmaker ditty – private employment services began in Germany.  The Napoleon era used staffing services, too, French used employment services to recruit talent and were paid for the empires.  Recruiters were paid “per head” to deliver workers to an employer.  Americans followed when the first U.S. personnel service, known as the “employment exchange” was established in 1848 in Boston.

In World War I, employment agencies screened workers for positions with war plants.  In World War II, the federal government established the Unites States Employment Service to help find jobs for unemployed people.  After the wars, employment agencies started to focus on white-collar placements over blue-collar jobs. 

By the 50s and 60s, franchises had entered the market. 

Employment Services Boom

Today, career placement and temporary staffing are among the fastest growing businesses in the nation.  Boosted by a tight job market that forces employers to seek outside assistance to find workers, U.S. staffing industry revenues should reach nearly $160 billion this year, according to Staffing Industry Analyst, the leading publisher of Staffing Industry Newsletters and Information.  The increase more than doubles revenues from 1999, when the staffing industry generated $75 billion - $64 billion from temporary help services and $11 billion from permanent placement services.

The growth of the industry follows a trend over the last ten years in how staffing companies are used.  Formerly, the services were used mostly to fill vacationing employees’ positions and usually reserved for replacing clerical help.  Now employment companies provide strategic staffing and are used to recruit everyone from ditch diggers to chief executive officers.

The competitive edge for these staffing services lies in their responsiveness, inventory of talents needed, placement accuracy, training expertise, and quality and range of services offered according to Employment Relations Today.

Establishing systems that thrive in delivering consistent quality in each competitive area has long been a strong suit of franchise companies, ensuring that franchised business owners have the tools they need to be successful.

Matchmaking for Every Business

Personalized Management Associates is the largest national executive recruiting chain in the United States specializing in retail, restaurant and hospitality management placements.  Industry positions include store/branch level, mid management, technical levels, corporate office and executive level openings.  Entrepreneur magazine ranked PMA Franchise Systems in the Top four Recruiting Franchise Opportunities and Top 400 of all Franchise Opportunities in the country during the year 2000.  PMA enjoys success by offering a low initial investment, and easy-to-follow system, potential six-figure incomes, and solid guidance and support.

Across most industries, staffing industry franchise owners enjoy success for their efforts.  According to statistics provided by Personalized Management Associates, the top 20 percent of the country’s search firms posted record profit margins above 60 percent and most firms post double digits.  There’s no sign of a slow down.  The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a 58 percent increase in revenues.  Doesn’t it almost make you want to sing matchmaker, matchmaker, find me a staffing business?

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