Support for Microsoft Exchange 2010 expires

Companies that still rely on Exchange 2010 for their mail servers should upgrade soon. The support will expire within a week and a half.
Support for Exchange 2010 would normally be discontinued in January, but Microsoft extended this until 13 October 2020.

Mailboxes that rely on the outdated version will continue to work, but will no longer receive support for bugs, time zone updates and security issues. This means that newly discovered security problems will no longer be resolved, making mailboxes more vulnerable to hackers. https://dj-bruiloft– https://dj-bruiloft– https://houten-vloeren– https://led– ttps://

Those who have not yet upgraded can switch to Exchange 2016 or 2019, both of which will be supported until October 2025. For the older Exchange 2013 this will be as early as April 2023.

In the long term, from mid-2021 onwards, expiring support will be less of an issue. Companies that upgrade their Exchange software at that time will only receive a subscription model with users receiving the latest version by default.

Is Exchange 2010 still widely used? According to security company Radid7 it is. To The Register, the company says it was able to find some 139,711 organisations on the public internet worldwide that had Outlook Web Access (OWA) running on Exchange 2020. Some 54,000 of these have not been updated for six years. In fact, the organisation found another 16,000 versions running on Exchange 2007, which hasn’t been supported for three years.

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